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Cloud Computing  //  services

Cloud Based Solutions

sample image Development in the Cloud provides computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. Our expertise in solutions based on the cloud has given the vital breathing space and peace of mind to our customers by removing the constant worry relating to space, maintenance, redundance, 99.9% uptime and finally elasticity that readily adapts to the changing business needs that too at a fraction of the cost is a tremendous shift from normal business practices

Our Expertise

MEWS - Mobile Enterprise Web Services Framework

Early to jump on the band wagon our architects and engineers had envisioned the opportunity of seperating the data from our business services offering. Boolean went ahead to create a framework that enables our clients to integrate the various delivery channels to one source of data.

MEWS Framework has enabled clients to adapt a staggered approach where they can rapidly build service platforms and integrate seamlessly with the data.

Framework - Benefits

A well defined seperation in configuration for their services needs that could reside in their own backyard while the data is residing in the cloud expanding and contracting with traffic simply has no bearing on the maintenance or additional setup.

The ability to simply focus on the business and furthering their services rather than wasting valuable time and effort into mundane hardware expansion and maintenance issues.

Cost impact - Cloud has proven to be a saviour in terms of establishment and maintenance costs. Boolean Velocity has enabled small business take flight by providing cloud solutions eliminating the need for growing infrastructure, personnel and space that would have been a cost impendiment for a growing business.