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Testing Practice

Best Software Testing Company New York Quality conciousness has become an important requirement to keep N-Tier projects with Key Performance Indicators focussing on performance. With the expectation of the software to deliver exceptional robustness, testing itself has evolved to well integrated process targetting various aspects such as business and functional testing, test planning, regression and performance testing, code analysis and coverage etc.

Boolean Velocity carefully worked top down to ensure processes and core methodologies were imbibed systematically to ensure successful execution of various services. Our teams were trained by experts and provided in-house services before we offered it to our clients

Testing services has been well received by our clients to the extent that we have a well established testing practice serving our project needs as well as individual client needs on various forms of testing

Quality Assurance

Testing Services

Boolean Testing Practice offers dual level of testing. The first being at the code level and the second at the system

Code Level Testing - Using tools, a high degree of Unit Testing and Integration testing is provided to support development efforts. Apart from this the Code Coverage and Code Analysis report is presented along with Bug Management. All this start with a Test Plan and ends in diversified report and improvement analysis

System Level Testing - This defaults to the business aspect of the engagement, where load, stress and performance are the KPIs. This is augmented with the Cross Browser testing and Automation using tools